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Hi.  I Laura Ann Tull am many things, though here you will find my photography, photo shop art, and samples of digital media work. (See my VIRTUAL BUSINESS  card to the right.)  I started taking photos at Western Maryland College in Westminster, Maryland with a Nikon 35mm black and white.  I was at the time a Theater and Business/ Economics student and graduated with both.  My teacher Susan Bloom has like myself moved to the digital age and well has now written books on Digital Painting in Photoshop.  Her early work in nudes and hand painting impacted my early work as well and was an inspiration for me to experiment and be bold.  I also worked for Richard Dillman, now retired, for the Communication Department at the school for free as an Operations Manager for their film equipment office.  (Yes I was a dork.)   The position allowed me to have access to their graphic computer so I could teach myself some Studio 8, though I moved into other software later in life.  I also would work with other students who were working on film projects and learned old school video editing.

Later I took a course in photography at American University when I was studying to receive a Masters in Perfoming Arts Management with a concentration in CASTING.  I actually interned for the school organizing students as a casting agents for various jobs, including a birthday party of Larry King and helped at an Open call searching for an actor to play Robin (as in Batman).  (Seriously I did.)  There a photo of mine was published and I had an image win an award in a show.  Please don’t ask me to cast projects as I love acting so much I find it a conflict of interest.

After moving to Los Angeles, I eventually acquired a used Canon 20D and took a class in Digital Photography and Light Room at Santa Monica College.

My expertise is taking pictures without a flash.  Seriously, I avoid using a flash even in dark conditions.  I later adjust shots in Light room or with Photo Shop and can often create a final shot that looks like I used a Flash but without the lack of shadow depth a flash creates.  I also love to shoot action and high speed images.  Other subjects of interest are the natural beauty of the planet and shots that tell stories.  Sometimes lighting conditions do not allow me to get a perfect shot and the shots can come out grainy and artistic, but if you like that look I  am your girl.  I also LOVE to shoot actors working and hate to distract them with a FLASH.

I spent a year  taking pictures for Demotix, a citizen journalist website based out of the UK, and even received an email from my editor contact, Wais Bashir, that  I was one of their best reporters.  However it did not pay the bills and so I stopped shooting for them, but to my knowledge should I want to shoot in that direction again it is open to me.  To my surprise my images have been seen by over 10,000 people.  I also have a collection of shots from the protests that I have not published and have considered the idea of making them into a book of some kind.

I am currently working on a certificate in Digital Media at Santa Monica College and though it is not a part of the certificate, I am also taking a course in Digital Film as the certificate program is teaching me how to do everything to make a short or film, but shoot the video.  I have also taken a course in typography, graphic art, and pre-production to further assist in my career and job seeking endeavors.  Several of these courses were recommended to me by editing professors at the school.

This site contains works of not only digital photographs, but also works created in Photo Shop, Illustrator, After Effects, Pro Tools (she does not own the program), Sound Booth, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut.  Ms. Tull does most of her work with a PC, but has also been taught on MACs.  She currently has Adobe CS4 Masters Collection and a PC Laptop.  Ms. Tull has used her digital media skills to make little films of her work, and has sound engineered several of those projects.

My goal is to work in the entertainment industry in Art Direction, set photography, and acting.  I would also like to work in the theatrical arts perhaps in photography, marketing and digital media, as the Internet is being used more and more to promote theatrical acting as well.  Also many theaters, especially in Los Angeles are developing their own film and web projects.  Over all I have a need to act and a need to be creative and to be a part of good stories and work that promotes organic positive change.   I have 5 years of experience being on and around sets in addition to my experience in the class room and life.

In addition to all the above, I am also a POET, WRITER, and ACTRESS.  Please see the other links above for my other work and look me up on IMDB.  THANK YOU.



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