Work Resume

Acting Resume can be found by going to Laura Ann Tull’s Acting Website.

My goal is to work in the entertainment industry in Acting, Voice Over, Film Making, Set Photography, and Editing.  I am also open to work in the theatrical arts in photography, marketing and digital film, as many theaters are expanding both what they offer and how they produce productions.  Many theaters, especially in Los Angeles are developing their own film and web projects.  Over all I have a need to act and a need to be creative and to be a part of good stories and work that promotes organic positive change.   I have 5 years of experience being on and around sets in addition to my experience in the class room and life. I have been a lawyer (though I never practiced and Won’t), reporter, and now I am determined to give birth to good film and stories. Nothing exploitative of my sex or all about violence please, though a little fake blood well done in a vampire film or story is fine with me. I am VEGAN though so any project that intentionally hurts animals or man is not something I want to be a part of. Thank you.

I don’t like being in an office. Sorry. I love the digital age. I thrive on change and thrived on sets. I’m not interested in one full time job in one box unless it is so good it could win awards or is an acting gig, but at some point the curtain does close. THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD STORIES FOR THE WORLD TO SEE AND TELL.

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