Celebrities & Performers

The following are images I have taken over the years of actors, performers, musicians, and artists. I have left out many of the images I used on the EXAMINER site. If you want to see images of artists I have written about, go to the EXAMINER. I do not think I am a great photographer. Though I have potential. I can shoot and I am very good at cleaning up really bad shots in post. Lots of practice. I need a better camera. And I believe you can learn achieve anything at a level of greatness of your own choosing.

Most of these artists I have met and socialized with. I like my privacy but I think part of me is posting this because I want the people on the east coast to know I had a live out here IN LOS ANGELES. I came to play with the professional actors. AND I AM A GOOD PERSON and I WAS LIKED and I WAS NEVER MENTAL. I have been slandered and I want my rights back. I will not leave Los ANGELES and I will not quit wanting to work in FILM & TV.

FYI John Cho & SPARTACUS I did not meet. I volunteered to help with the DIVERSITY committee of AFTRA.

Kwanza Jones

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