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The following are images I have taken over the years of actors, performers, musicians, and artists. I have left out many of the images I used on the EXAMINER site. If you want to see images of artists I have written about, go to the EXAMINER. I do not think I am a great photographer. Though I have potential. I can shoot and I am very good at cleaning up really bad shots in post. Lots of practice. I need a better camera. And I believe you can learn achieve anything at a level of greatness of your own choosing.

Most of these artists I have met and socialized with. I like my privacy but I think part of me is posting this because I want the people on the east coast to know I had a live out here IN LOS ANGELES. I came to play with the professional actors. AND I AM A GOOD PERSON and I WAS LIKED and I WAS NEVER MENTAL. I have been slandered and I want my rights back. I will not leave Los ANGELES and I will not quit wanting to work in FILM & TV.

FYI John Cho & SPARTACUS I did not meet. I volunteered to help with the DIVERSITY committee of AFTRA.

Kwanza Jones Kwanza JOnes Vanessa Wolf   Vanessa Wolf Bri Moon   Bri Moon   Bri Moon   Bri Moon   Second City Dirty   jeff goldblum   liberation movement   jeff gunn Breast Cancer Benefit   Spartacus   sandy brown    awake asleep   Brighid Fleming   hollywood Roses   jen powers        jen powers        jen powers         Jeff Rector       Tim Russ      jose chavez     jose chavez       jose chavez Bri Moon      Bri Moon           Bri Moon       Bri Moon        Bri Moon         Kelly Perine       John Cho       Tim Russ Bri Moon
Kwanza Jones
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