Graphic Art Typography POSTER Art

The following images are of Graphic and Typography work I did at Santa Monica College. In addition to taking classes in Digital Media, early on, at the suggestion of an editing teacher, I took a class in Graphic Art and one in Typography. One of the reasons my Photoshop teacher thought I could get a scholarship to Otis, however I planned to work sets and network into jobs using these skills only to find myself blacklisted. I am not going to hide that fact nor that what happened to me was wrong as I was NOT being irresponsible but changing careers.

Many of these images were made with a combination of tracing, drawing, and the use of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I am most adept at Photoshop.  I have also added images that I did in my Photoshop classes and on my own, and postcards I made for an Actor’s Showcase I was in and helped market.


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